isea2010 & the next level

We’re invited to give a presentation on the aot at the international symposium for electronic arts 2010. And we got got bored with the soundscape we created, as well of dissatisfied with the possible distance between the two spheres of the aot, in which one could create the sounds (dictated by the magnetic field of the motor). So we decided to remake the inside, throw it all out and replace it with 2 Radiofrequenzy Transeivers (Xbees), hooked up to Arduino Fio boards and 2 ADXL330 Accerlerometers. In that, the soundsynthesis will be done by a custom synthesizer, made in Pure Data, which focuses on a obvious relation between the movements of the aot and basic functions of a classic synthesizer. That way people acustomed to synths have an intuitive approach to our interface, the attract o tone. Of course, the outgoing data could be mapped to anything, but we strongly feel that it should have its own voice and that the relationship between the movments – the puppetry, if you will – and the created sounds are meaningfull (and intuitivly understandable) connected.

Award#2: 1st at ICMI-Workshop Berlin ‘09


“The Attract-O-Tron by Frederik Kalisch and Steffen Müller are two exceptionally well designed hand-held musical artifacts, which generate sound using electric motors.”

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